Scheduling a Tree Stump Removal in Sidcup

Isn’t it about time that you took care of those annoying remnants from a felling project and prepared your way to future land or garden development? Tree stump grinding is the fast and practical alternative to a manual tree root removal, a solution that reduces a stump to below-ground level in as little as 30 minutes. Green & Co, located in Orpington, is a tree stump removal specialist with services available in the nearby Sidcup area.


Traditional tree root removals involve extensive digging and the use of winches to take out the root system completely. While this is an effective method, it consumes large swathes of time, requires a sizeable amount of manpower and leaves a gaping hole that could require a topsoil delivery – at added cost – to backfill it.


Home and landowners in Sidcup can avoid the various perils and pitfalls of a manual tree root removal by booking in for tree stump grinding with Green & Co. Please contact us on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046 to make a prompt appointment.


A mechanical tree stump removal provides our customers with a series of aesthetic, practical and safety benefits.


Aesthetics – Kerb appeal has an important role to play in making a home or land appealing to the eye. Tree stump grinding stops others seeing your garden or forestry as an eyesore, and it could even help attract buyers should you ever decide to sell a Sidcup property in the future because everything just looks better with no additional work required.


Hazards – If you have a tree felled in a garden, there’s unlikely to be the space required to perform a full tree root removal. A tree stump removal does the job just as well and removes the associated tripping hazards, making your garden a safer place for the children to play in, and creating a healthier outdoor environment for your much-loved family pets.


Growth – Leave a stump for too long and you’ll start to notice fresh sprout growth. This fresh growth, called suckering, isn’t always easy to remove once established. Tree stump grinding takes the remnants of a felled tree below ground level, leaving a woodchip that aids root decomposition and stops future growth around land and garden space in Sidcup.


Maintenance – Tree stump removal makes it easier to maintain a garden without having to navigate the remains of a felled tree with a lawnmower or hand tools. Mechanical tree root removal using a grinder also eliminates the potential for suckers and weeds around the stump, and this makes your regular garden care and outdoor work less labour intensive.


Space – Book in for tree stump grinding and optimise the amount of available space around your Sidcup land or garden. Leave a clear area for the children to play in, create social space with a new patio or build a driveway for parking the car. The possibilities are endless when you choose Green & Co to manage your tree root and tree stump removal needs.

For more information on tree root removal in Sidcup, call Green & Co on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.