Stump Grinding & Tree Root Removal in Bromley | Service Benefits

If you’re a property owner in Bromley with a tree stump in your garden, you don’t need us to point out how problematic they can be. In our more than 30 years as tree stump grinding and tree root removal specialists, each of our clients has expressed great relief at finally ridding their premises of those lingering stumps. When it comes to tree stump removal, however, the benefits are more numerous than you might have first imagined.


Below, we have listed 5 of the primary benefits that property owners in Bromley receive when undertaking stump grinding and tree root removal work.


1. Improved Aesthetics


Quite simply, tree stumps are eyesores. This proves to be particularly frustrating if you take pride in your garden and dedicate time to making it look its best. No matter how well-landscaped and colourful it may look, a prominently placed tree stump will always be a distraction. Our tree stump grinding reduces these ugly features to a safe level below the soil line, resulting in an infinitely more attractive garden.


2. Increased Safety


Due to their position at ground level, it’s easy to trip over a tree stump. Whether at a domestic, commercial or industrial property, this makes them a serious health hazard, even for those who know the premises well. In domestic settings, this can be problematic with children or elderly people. Businesses, however, are legally responsible for accidents that take place on their property. By undertaking stump grinding and tree stump removal work at Bromley sites, we safeguard against potentially costly law suits.


3. Eliminate Tree Regrowth


Simply cutting down a tree doesn’t guarantee that tree growth has ended. The remaining stump and root systems contain still-living material, which is why we recommend undertaking tree stump grinding and tree root removal as soon after tree felling as possible. If a stump is left on a Bromley premises for years on end, a process called suckering might occur. This involves the sprouting of new saplings from the existing stump and roots. While property owners remove one problematic tree, the chance remains that several new ones could grow in its place. Stump grinding and tree stump removal help to eliminate this risk.


4. Additional Space


Not only do tree stumps look horrible, they also have a habit of getting in the way. On a smaller scale, they can prove a regular obstacle in maintenance work like mowing the lawn. On a larger scale, however, they might be placed in the area where you want to put your dream decking or patio. Tree stump grinding and tree root removal work from Green & Co can rid your Bromley property of this problem, clearing the way for that much-thought-of landscaping project.


5. Bacteria & Pests


Tree stumps left in place for a long period eventually start to decay, attracting an array of insects, bacteria and fungi. From beetle and ant infestations to honey fungus, these stumps can pose a threat to the rest of your otherwise healthy garden. Certain fungi and bacteria can easily spread to neighbouring plants. Stump grinding and tree stump removal services play a pivotal part in keeping these pests out of your garden by removing the conditions in which they thrive.

If you’d like to discuss options for tree stump grinding and tree root removal at your Bromley property, call 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.