Stump Grinding in West Wickham | Land Clearance Services

Prepare land space for future development with tree stump grinding services from Green & Co, an established company of accredited LANTRA arborists from Orpington. The labour required to perform tree root removals makes it more difficult, and more expensive, for our customers in nearby West Wickham to clear their outdoor spaces. We can provide a full tree stump removal service instead, and clear the way for all future operations in a simple, time-efficient manner


Tree stump grinding is a service that Green & Co provides for homeowners in West Wickham who need to make space for a fresh landscaping feature, such as a driveway or patio, and for landowners, developers, companies and organisations who have large-scale land clearance requirements.


Whoever and wherever you are, we can provide the stump grinding and stump removal services you need to save money on a full tree root removal whilst achieving the same end result.


The Fast and Effective Land Clearance Service


Green & Co can finish your land, tree and vegetation clearance projects using mechanical equipment with a sharp blade that takes remnants to sub-ground level, leaving a woodchip that backfills into the cleared area or which our West Wickham customers can remove to use as landscaping mulch. Tree stump removal is a clean, ethical and sustainable process because our stump grinding machinery makes use of biodegradable oil.


This is an important consideration for our valued commercial and industrial clients, many of whom have sustainability initiatives of their own.


Mechanical tree stump grinding brings a series of service benefits to projects of any size, anywhere in the West Wickham area:


  •  A low-noise mechanical alternative to manual tree root removal with minimal environmental impact
  • Natural woodchip derived from the tree stump removal process for use on personal or business projects
  • Perfect for land with restricted space and other obstructions that make manual removal difficult
  •  All habitat and mitigation requirements carefully considered before tree stump grinding begins
  • Faster land clearances to enable an earlier start to development, optimising your own profitability


Our wider knowledge of arboriculture, and the careful consideration of your own plans for development, make Green & Co a popular choice for tree stump removal services in West Wickham. Add in our friendly, personable approach, and an ability to perform tree stump grinding on remnants of any size and species, and it’s easy to see why our services make such a strong contribution to the lifestyles of private customers and the operations of local businesses.


Avoid the struggle so often associated with manual tree root removals and get your personal or professional projects off to the best possible start.

For more information on tree stump grinding and tree stump removal in West Wickham, call Green & Co on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.