Tree Stump Grinding in Bexley | A Time-Saving Process

A tree stump is more than just a potential eyesore. Remnants can also harbour bacteria and fungi to leave healthy trees in the Bexley area at risk. Tree stump grinding is a time-saving process that offers numerous benefits over alternative tree root removal methods. Green & Co is a tree stump removal specialist from Orpington, and we use modern stump grinding machinery to eliminate unsightly remnants and their associated hazards.


Tree stump grinding and tree root removal are not one and the same thing. To remove the roots completely, a tree surgeon or tree stump removal specialist has to dig deep into the ground. This causes significant damage to gardens, in particular, and will leave a hole in the ground that eventually needs backfilling.


Although stump grinding doesn’t result in a complete tree root removal from your Bexley property, it does reduce the remnants to below the ground surface. The process leaves no evidence of a stump above the ground and stimulates root decomposition below the ground. Tree stump removal also removes potential tripping hazards from gardens and land.


Innovative Tree Stump Grinding Machinery


Tree stump grinding is a mechanical process where mobile machinery cuts into remnants without causing major disruption to land and lawns. Because our tree stump removal equipment has low clearance requirements, Green & Co can usually work in areas with tight access and landscaping obstructions with relative ease, although we do occasionally use some traditional tree root removal tools which need a little more clearance space.


The tree stump grinding process leaves a flat level of woodchip that home and landowners in Bexley can use as a mulch. The soil around the removed stump settles within a few weeks and, in most cases, replanting can begin in around one month. The woodchip derived from a tree stump removal composts naturally, which means you can use anything left over for your own landscaping and gardening work.


Stump grinding is a time and cost-effective process with our prices usually driven by the size and species of the tree, and the stump’s age. Green & Co covers all locations in the Bexley area, and provides an alternative to disruptive tree root removal practices under the control of an established, experienced team with LANTRA qualifications.

For more information on tree stump removal in Bexley, call Green & Co on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.