Stump Grinding in Chislehurst | Safety Measures Involved in Tree Stump Removal

Tree root removal operations require the use of powerful machinery complete with cutting wheels. When operational, we use these machines to grind away tree stumps and roots beneath the soil line. Of course, the tree stump grinding process has inherent risks associated with it. At Green & Co, we treat safety with paramount importance. We use various safety measures to protect you, your Chislehurst property, the public and our own tree stump removal specialists.

With more than 30 years of tree root removal experience, as well as Lantra certification, Green & Co has a proud safety record. Below, we have outlined some of the measures we take to ensure your own stump grinding service reaches a safe and timely conclusion.

Personal Protective Equipment

Like any reputable tree stump removal company, Green & Co guarantees that all personnel arriving at your Chislehurst site have the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform the task at hand. For tree stump grinding operations, PPE can include:

  • Safety Helmet (BS EN 397)
  • Hearing Protection (BS EN 352)
  • Eye Protection (BS EN 1731)
  • Protective Boots (BS EN ISO 20345)
  • Gloves with Reinforced Palms and Fingers
  • Outer Clothing That Will Not Snag

In the necessary cases, we also supply high-visibility clothing for tree root removal operations.

Preparing to Work

In order to comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, we erect warning and prohibition signage on all approaches to your tree stump removal worksite. If your site in Chislehurst has high levels of public access, our risk assessment may also highlight the need for further controls. This can include barriers, screens, barrier tape or extra manning.

No matter the location of your tree stump grinding service, we will always stop working if a breach occurs in the safe working area.

Further considerations include:

  • Selecting as level and firm a surface as possible for tree root removal operations
  • If detached from the tow vehicle, we always apply the grinder’s parking brake
  • For roadside work, we position the cutting head to direct chips away from traffic
  • The use of extra screening to protect property and people from flying debris

Utility Checks

When undertaking tree stump removal work in and around Chislehurst, we often encounter stumps in front gardens and on property boundaries. However, utilities are often located in these areas too. Striking a utility always represents a problem. Issues range from inconvenience to the homeowners to serious injury for, or even the death of, the operator.

Before any tree stump grinding service, we take all necessary measures to avoid utility strikes. These can include consulting with local utility companies about the location of their main supplies to the use of cable avoidance devices.

Safety measures for tree root removal work extend far beyond the above. Each individual tree stump removal machine has its own safety requirements, all of which we have extensive experience with. Additional measures also include fuelling processes, machine operation, repositioning of machines, maintenance and emergency procedures.

When it comes to safe, comprehensive tree stump grinding in the Chislehurst area, look no further than Green & Co.

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