Tree Stump Removal in Beckenham | Domestic Stump Grinding Services

Homeowners don’t have the experience, or the equipment needed, to perform a tree stump removal to a professional standard. While it isn’t completely impossible to use digging as a form of tree root removal, the backbreaking labour involved, and the subsequent hole left in their garden space, deters most people from attempting it. Mechanical tree stump removal is a service that draws domestic customers in Beckenham to our company for the first time, and on a repeat basis.


Aesthetics is the most common reason for a tree stump removal. Grinding down an unsightly stump that detracts from an otherwise beautiful garden is motivation enough for many, but our prospective customers should also remember that stump grinding makes it easier to maintain your garden later.


Practicality also matters to homeowners in the Beckenham area, particularly with those considering a tree root removal service to leave a garden clear for a new driveway, a patio or a paving feature. Tree stump grinding makes this possible, giving our customers the chance to deal with stump remnants, and ridding their outdoor space of mould and fungi spores that could affect otherwise healthy tree and plant life.


Green & Co welcomes enquiries about domestic tree stump removals. Because we work out of nearby Orpington, we can deal with domestic projects in Beckenham in a timely manner and on a responsive basis.


Tree Stump Grinding Machinery Basics


The mobility of modern tree stump grinding equipment makes it easy for us to move around the gardens of residential properties with ease. Smaller grinders with a more compact and lightweight design manoeuvre a little better but the majority of equipment used is of a moderate size, mounted on wheels, with an adjustable handle that sets to the height of the operator for more controlled pushing and pulling.


Models with brakes on the wheels enable more control too, and they offer a faster alternative to manual tree root removals at Beckenham properties using labour-intensive digging practices.


Tree stump removal machinery has a sharp blade, powered by a motor, and individual capacities for above-ground and below-ground cutting. Green & Co has stump grinding equipment available for stumps of all species, and in capacities and sizes that make them the perfect choice for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


Because tree stump grinding reduces remnants to woodchip, our Beckenham customers can leave it in place and let it aid decomposition of the roots, or they can collect it and use it as a mulch on their future landscaping and gardening projects.

For more information on tree stump removal in Beckenham, call Green & Co on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.