Tree Stump Grinding in Croydon | The Basics of Stump Removal Work

On completion of a directional felling or sectional removal job in Croydon, tree surgeons remove the limbs to leave behind the stump that once held the tree in place. What happens next? Should you book in for tree stump grinding or tree stump removal services, or should you leave your land untouched? Are there any hazards associated with tree remnants? Does stump grinding guarantee you a complete tree root removal?


If you can’t make the right decision for your Croydon property, we are willing to help you with it. Green & Co is the stump removal specialist from Orpington with a proud local history that dates back as far as 1987.


A stump might not cause you too many issues at first but, the longer you leave it to get a professional opinion, the more likely it is for that stump to become a genuine nuisance. Without tree stump grinding or tree stump removal services, you’ll find that remnants get in the way when you mow the lawn, could trip over the children, and make it much harder for you to landscape or develop land in the future.


Worse still, stumps slowly decay and become an attractive home for insects, and a haven for unwelcome shoots and fungus. Tree root removal is the only way for property owners in Croydon to rid themselves of what will only become a growing problem.


Other reasons to choose Green & Co for stump grinding and stump removal services include:


  • Decomposition impacts kerb appeal, making your home look unattractive and lowering its market value
  • Stumps can cause expensive damage to lawnmowers, posing a risk if metal parts fly off at high speeds
  • Roots from a stump stop landowners from planting new trees by using up important nutrients on the ground


Tree stump grinding and tree stump removal services have many benefits and very few disadvantages. Your final decision on what to do will depend on the plans you have for your land. The mechanical tree root removal process is one that is extremely intrusive, requires plenty of labour and leaves your land uprooted. The upside to this is that you have a blank canvas to work with, but once you have backfilled the hole!


Stump grinding is a better choice for most home and landowners in the Croydon area. It is less intensive than a mechanical tree root removal and, while it does leave remnants behind, our processes create a handy woodchip that customers can backfill into any holes we make and use as a mulch.


This will help in the decomposition of the roots but please be advised that this can take many years.


Use Green & Co for tree stump grinding and tree stump removal work, and we promise to minimise upheaval around your Croydon property. Our stump grinders are surprisingly portable and fit into areas with restricted access quite well. Compared with a mechanical tree root removal where both you and your tree surgeons have much more work to do, stump grinding services allow you to use or develop your land that much sooner.

For stump removal services in Croydon, call Green & Co on 01689 838 608 or 07768 334 046.